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We are here to provide personalized assistance and advocate for your patient's rights to receive treatment. You do what you do best; provide treatment and allow us to do what we do best; Insurance Utilization Review and Billing.

We help facilities in the behavioral healthcare industry simplify business processes and get accurate payments quickly. We will always look for new ways to help you improve revenue and increase cash flow. We will stay ahead of regulatory changes so your office will never struggle to keep up. We do all of this so that  you can focus on the one thing that really matters: doing what is best for your patients/clients.

Choosing the right medical billing company is one of the most important decisions you can make. Therefore, working with a quality professional company with qualified staff and personal attention is so important. Work with a company that offers specialized options tailored to fit your business with a great track record, is key to your organization. Finding a company that understands all aspects of treatment will help you build your facility’s ability to do what your mission truly is and not have to worry about the nuances associated with Insurance Policy’s, Utilization Review, Billing or Collections.

  • Maximum Billing and Maximum Collections
  • Higher reimbursements, more authorized days
  • Highly detailed reports on your billing/collections
  • Online HIPAA compliant access to your important data 24/7
  • Free training to insure your clinical team knows all the criteria required to get the highest level of care
  • Free forms with training to ensure compliance and appropriate documentation requirements
  • Experienced qualified staff with years of experience provide one on one assistance everyday of the week
  • Persistence and timely follow up, appeals, medical record requests all managed for you
  • We never prematurely write-off any claims, no matter how small

Other billing companies don't give you the attention that we can. Our customers stay with us because we deliver and truly care about them. UR1 Professionals testimonials show how satisfied our customers are and why they stay!

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• Stop fighting with the insurance companies

• Achieve your goals and increase your revenue

• and know you're in good hands

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