I have used the billing and utilization review services of UR1 for many years. Debbie and Charly and Jan (indeed the entire staff) are always available, great at negotiating reimbursements with insurance companies. Their Utilization Review Dept has consistently helped us get the best possible insurance reimbursements. Their advice in this arena is invaluable to us and, above all, their reputation for honesty and support is unimpeachable.
Stuart Birnbaum
CEO/Executive Director / The Lakehouse Recovery Center
I've been working for UR1 Professionals for 8 1/2 years. I love working for UR1 because we are more of a family and a team rather than just coworkers. I enjoy working for a company that always puts our customers first and goes to any and all lengths to make sure every aspect of what we do is done properly and to completion. I myself have been in recovery for 10 years and love being able to "pay it forward" by advocating for others to get treatment.
Robert Casey
Billing Manager
Since changing our Utilization Review process to UR1 Professionals, our authorizations for each level of care have increased exponentially. This has increased our accounts receivable in a very positive way. They have a great team of nurses and Utilization Review Specialist that know what the insurance needs and helps us to make sure that we provide the documentation to get our clients the best possible coverage for their needed treatment. You can not beat the transparency and efficiency of this valuable team.
Robert N
I began working for UR1 Professionals in Feb of 2021. What a great leaader and team! UR1 Professionals exemplifies teamwork and integrity. I believe that if you work with integrity and take pride in a job well done, you will succeed. I believe the UR1 professionals are to be credited for putting our clients first and making sure that they get the highest level of care possible so that they can complete recovery. I enjoy getting patients the care they need so they can recover I have been a nurse for 24 years, I love geriatrics and the elderly, you can always learn something new from them.
Debbie M
Utilization Review LPN
My favorite thing about working with UR1 Professionals is the team! Working with people that care about our jobs/facilities and most importantly, the patients in need of services. We continue to serve and fight very hard to get the services approved and paid by the insurance companies. I think we are unique in that we care about not only the success of the facilities, but also the well-being of the individuals working at the facility. UR1 has been the best company I have ever worked with. I am a very dedicated and loyal person and working for a company that has these same values means a lot to me. I wouldn't trade this team for the world!
Melissa Thayer
Claims & Collections Specialist
My favorite thing about UR1 Professionals is working as a team, working with great supportive co-workers, being able to give personal attention to our facilities staff and able to help train them where needed to best benefit their clients. What is unique is the ability to work from home wherever that is, very supportive staff, ability to train new staff easily where needed and work as a team despite distance. Very open communication between everyone. I feel valued and appreciated like never before. Since I am in recovery myself for many years, continue to be active in 12 step meetings, I have worked in recovery both substance abuse and mental health for over 35+ years direct client care and then with UR1 Professionals ever since. I really enjoy being able to interact with a variety of people and facilities and helping them get the treatment they need for as long as possible.
Jan Fagerquist
Utilization Review Specialist
I have the honor of being the Chief Executive Administrator and accumulating over 18 years of working for UR1 Professionals (including DARS and Outreach Services). There are so many great things about working for UR1 professionals. We have an amazing owner that inspires our whole team to excel as a unit. We have a very cohesive family that, even though we are states and miles apart, are never out of touch. I really enjoy working with the staff at our facilities to help them understand the insurance process. I feel blessed working in the Behavioral Health field and see the beautiful improvement made in people's lives. I feel that, with UR1 Professionals, you get more than just a billing company. We go the extra mile for our facilities with the personal touches that make their goals attainable.
Sharleena Jordan
UR1 professionals lives up to its name as a company of experienced professionals capable of providing timely services with good communication skills and reliable performance. We have worked with two other billers and UR1 is notably better than both, and in more than one way. Their experience in the field of medical billing has aided us to avoid problems. Often there is a lack of appreciation for when you don't step in the pitfall. However, having worked with two other billers I can better appreciate the smoother, less problematic experience which a more knowledgeable biller can provide. Also, we put a strong emphasis on communication. We want to be able to reach our biller at timely moments to receive feed back in a reasonable period. This is something that UR1 has excelled at and it has been very useful in defusing our concerns that were not warranted. It also helped address them quickly when they were. They have been reliable and maintain good standards of performance that has served our business well for 8 years. What is more, they work with their clients to try to serve their specific needs. As a small company we benefit most from a more personalized approach rather than a rigid system that would require us to fit a criteria at the possible detriment of our interests. Overall, I highly recommend the services of UR1 to those who are looking to have an experienced biller handle their medical insurance.
Mel Blakeslee
Insurance Liaison / Alternative to Meds
Reliable, revenue-producing, effective, wonderful human dynamos! That is how I would describe Debbie and her team at UR1 Professionals. As the owner of a teen residential treatment center in Colorado, I have worked with UR1 since 2012. I was referred to them knowing nothing about insurance and within one year we went from going to the food bank to profitability. In fact, if we had not found them, I don't believe we would have lasted more than a few years. Working with UR1 is like working with the employees you never have to worry about, the ones who run ahead of you keeping your company running smoothly and growing every year. They are the outsourced partner you cannot do without. AND they somehow make dealing with insurance fun and meaningful. They care about their clients and will care about yours always going above and beyond. As insurance laws and tactics change, they adapt. When denials arise, they appeal. I cannot think of an insurance issue Debbie and her team cannot tackle. Without hesitation, I recommend hiring UR1. Success will follow. Christine Porta, Owner
Chris Porta
Owner / Fire Mountain Treatment Programs