We are here to provide personalized assistance and advocate for your patient’s rights to receive treatment. You do what you do best; provide treatment and allow us to do what we do best; Insurance Utilization Review and Billing.

UR1 Professionals provides assistance to treatment centers allowing them to accept insurance for the clients they treat. We do this by working closely with your team through various software options and personal assistants. We can manage all of the services you need from start to finish. Our services provide you with a complete, competent, department that is managed by highly qualified insurance specialists. We save you time and money without the stress of you managing your own department in house. See our services below and consider a free consultation if you are considering taking insurance or unhappy with your current insurance setup.

Benefit Verification Services

UR1 Professionals’ verification specialists are focused on making the admissions process easier by providing:

  • Information on patient responsibilities, pre-certification, policy exclusions and payor payment estimates.
  • 1-hour benefit turnaround whenever possible.
  • Double-Triple verification of benefits process for accuracy.
  • Benefit documentation for reference.

 We find out the important things about the client's insurance that are not available online. These questions we ask are vital to a client's insurance paying the claims properly.  Don't be fooled by the basic information you find online or that another Verification of Benefits Company offers you (24/7). Specific questions determine the real case scenario. Can they come to YOUR program based on your accreditation and for what level of care!

Utilization Review Services

Our licensed and experienced clinical staff can help maximize your patients’ benefits by obtaining maximum stays based on clinical data and best practice at the highest levels of care.

  • Utilization Review by qualified clinical and nursing staff.
  • Online live reports to track concurrent reviews.
  • Skilled clinical and nursing staff provides peer to peer support.
  • Collateral case management and planning with clinical staff.
  • Key understanding of health care processes to ensure longest lengths of stay.
  • Single case agreements negotiated

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Billing and Collections

UR1 Professionals’ teams are experts in the field of billing and collection for behavioral health providers and facilities. Our in-depth knowledge of the treatment industry permits us to deliver the highest amount of reimbursement with unique services and processes.

Look at some of the advantages of having UR1 Professionals manage your insurance billing and collections:

  • Electronic Claims Submission of UB04 Facility billing weekly.
  • Persistent and Timely Insurance Company Claims Follow-Up
  • Explanation of Benefits Review
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Live access to claims via our gateway as well as payments access to all ERA’s
  • Correct Medical Coding ensuring our claims go out clean
  • Live census and status reports
  • Claims negotiated only if better reimbursement
  • Audits of outstanding account receivables.
  • Knowledgeable staff is always accessible and courteous to work with
  • UR1 is very transparent; you will have access to all of your reports and portals available to you 24/7

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Staff Training

To help ensure efficiency and proficiency UR1 will provide:

  • Staff training to ensure authorization and concurrent reviews for improved lengths of stay
  • Assist counselors and therapist to increase their knowledge of insurance reviews criteria, and skills with documentation to get coverage and continued stay.
  • Responsive to the needs of the facility for all levels of care, transitions and discharge
  • Consultation regarding placement and recommendations to improve lengths of stay
  • Review of ASAM and Mental Status for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
  • Utilizing information for outcome studies that help you increase efficiency and effectiveness