Utilization Review Services

Providing personalized attention, experienced utilization review staff, insurance billing and collections, and specialized facility needs.

Utilization review can be a time consuming, overwhelming task, but we can ensure you that it is possible to accept insurance and feel confident that your cases will be handle to your standards and to industry standards. It’s like having your internal UR nurse without the worry.

We know there are other organizations out there that provide these services, but they too can add an overwhelming feeling, cost more and require lengthy contracts. We won’t ask for lengthy contracts or up front fees. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that you can work with insurance and provide services to those who otherwise couldn’t access it. UR1 Professionals is YOUR personal assistant! Not only do we take the stress off of your company doing UR, we provide the forms, training and online documentation you need to continue to grow in this arena.

Our qualified staff will give you the personal attention you need to continue insurance coverage for your clients/patients to stay longer in treatment and get the help they need. Isn’t this what it’s all about!

Our licensed and experienced clinical staff can help maximize your patients’ benefits by obtaining maximum stays based on clinical data and best practice at the highest levels of care.

→ Single case agreements negotiated

→ Utilization Review start to finish, concurrent review, doc-doc consults, longer lengths of stay

→ Reports are easy to read and assessable online for instant use

→ Our skilled clinical and nursing team provides peer-to peer support

→ Collateral Case Management and planning with clinical staff

→ Online reports for current status and level of care

→ Staff is always accessible and courteous to work with

Call us today and ask for a free consultation. We don’t give up on getting the days each client deserves to get recovery and we will work continuously to get the level of care deserved for the treatment you provide.